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Yahoo Boys or No Yahoo Boys? – What is your Take?

In Nigeria today, there is the increasing rate of scamming activities involving lots of cash transferred from offshore accounts to local Nigerian bank accounts. These scamming activity is usually carried out by people whom the general Nigerian will call “Yahoo Boys”.

“Yahoo Boys” as some call it is not just peculiar to Nigeria alone, we have lots of scammers around the world extorting money from global citizens. Some disguise themselves as beautiful women, soldiers, business men and thereafter use fraud and lies to get money from their clients.

In Nigeria, research has indicated that the Federal Government has made life unbearable for Her citizens and as such, many resort to whatever they can do to make money and solve their immediate wants and needs which includes food, housing, clothing and health.

Some even go to extra miles to killing people for rituals to make money or kill people to sell their body parts on the black market.

But the Yahoo Boys scam just basically deceives another individual without killing that individual. These deception often leads to bulk cash being transferred from accounts offshore to these Yahoo Boys who in turn use these money to live exotic lives, drive exotic cars, and flex it all out.

Some interviewees then asked if the politicians in this country are not equal to be called Yahoo Boys? because they steal money meant for the citizens by using deceptive words and rituals to get votes and be in the office. And that instead of the EFCC going after these Yahoo Boys, they should leave them as they don’t steal Government money.

Some said that the Government should invite them and use their skills to track down money laundering and financial crimes since they have the tools to evade security and then in turn pay them handsomely for their work rather than prosecute them and send them to jail.

Another group also said they will love the Federal Government to allow them be as far as they are not hacking into the Nations financial giant to steal cash meant for the people and also that the monies they scam to get will be distributed within the Nigerian market as they spend it.

So what do you think about this? If you look at the state of the Nigerian citizen, you will discover that there is poverty everywhere and everyone wants to be able to provide what they want and need. Please lets hear your views in the comments section below.

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