Formula 1

What is Autosport – Formula 1 (F1)

Autosport Formula 1 is a global motorsport publishing brand with its headquarters at Richmond, London. It was established in 1950, just at the time when the Formula 1 World Championship was originated.

Autosport first started out as a magazine published on a weekly basis then through expansion entered into digital publishing as was created in 1997.

Formula 1
Autosport Formula 1

In 2016,the Haymarket Media Group sold autosport and all of its motorsport portfolio to Motorsport Network. Autosport has been recognized as an opinion-forming and long lasting journalistic authority in the world of motor racing for almost 70 years.

Formula 1

Formula 1, or F1 is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group. Having its inaugural season in 1950, it has been one of the premier forms of racing all around the world.

The “Formula” in it’s name is the laid down rules that all of its participants’ cars must conform to.

F1 seasons are made up of series of races which are referred to as Grands Prix, which is the French translation of grand prizes or great prizes. They take place all over the world in purpose built circuits and public roads.


The available race schedule for 2019 is:

  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku, 26-28 April)

According to F1 BBC, “Formula 1 is seeking to establish a second race in China to grow the sport in one of its most important markets. Sean Bratches, the sport’s commerical boss, said he favoured a street race and was meeting delegates from six potential host cities this week.

“We would be highly interested in a street race,” he said.

“It would be a nice juxtaposition to the purpose-built facility we have [in Shanghai]. Our intent is to bring our show to the people.”

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