Thoughts on Abortion Today?

Looking at the center of arguments on abortion, what is noticed is the fundamental disagreement over a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

A choice group views this as a right of choice by the woman and should not be regulated by the government. Some who are pro-lifers see abortion as morally wrong and debate that it should be regulated by the government.

The group who advocates abortion as a choice views the right to seek an abortion as a personal decision which amounts to having control over ones body and they oppose the establishment of Federal, State or Local laws that restrict access or create obstacles for women who choose to have an abortion.

By contrast, life-groups advocate that abortion is morally wrong under most situations (with exceptions to rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother). This group views abortion as termination of life and is equivalent to murder and they also seek justice from the government and other intervention agencies.

This discussion topic on abortion often pits questions of faith with religious beliefs against privacy and women’s right. So what is your take on abortion?

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