Sonos Play 1

Sonos Play 1- Compact Home Speakers

The Sonos Play 1 is a compact home mini speaker with a mighty sound. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Echo products and offers you a whole great experience in making smart homes enjoyable.


  • It fits into any space and fills the room with its sound.
  • It has a very good sound despite its size
  • Humidity resistant (Perfect for bathroom)
  • Can be mounted on walls or can stand alone

With Sonos Play 1, you can connect over WiFi and stream music without interruptions, you can also stay in any room and play different songs or probably the same songs everywhere.

The speakers is controlled through an app which is installed on either your iOS or Android devices and the app is eligible for updates meaning that the product you buy today will even be better tomorrow.

What is in the Speakers?

Although the Sonos Play 1 sounds bigger than its looks, one might be wondering where such sound is coming from. Technically, it comes from a pair of Class-D amplifiers with custom built drivers which are all built into the exquisitely accustomed speakers unique accoustic design.

The speaker is humidity resistant but not waterproof and you can enjoy the speakers in places like the bathroom and outdoor patios. The speaker is installed via an app on the iOS and Android OS devices.

Lets hear your comments on this stunning speakers in the comments section. You can also buy this product here. Click on the image.