Hello Gmany I hope this meets you well. Keep me anonymous. Am schooling at Uniben studying Human resources and am doing well with my life. When I entered the university I knew nothing because I was an indoor child my parents never allowed me to have friends or even get involved in extra curricular activities.

I was lost at Campus one of the days in my early University days and I met a girl by name Cassandra who walked up to me and asked if I was lost , I told her yes and I needed to get my department and she offered to help but lo and behold she was in the same department with me but in year 3. She spoke well and looked flashy. She introduced herself and I did too then we got talking.

She was living close to the school and in so much comfort by which she invited me to her house after lectures that day. I felt I wasn’t in harm’s way because it’s a girl’s house. When I got there she made me very comfortable I mean she was living in luxury and alone. She quickly detected I was a new student and took advantage by telling me I could come stay over whenever I want and take anything from the kitchen or fridge.

At first, I was shy and timid but as time went on I really appreciated stopping by her place because of most days lectures are cumbersome and the weather very hot. She asked me to move in with her but I still liked my old place so I told her I could stay with her whenever she wanted but I won’t move. She started by touching my boobs whenever I was dressing and to tapping my ass whenever she said something funny but I just didn’t say anything cuz I still didn’t read any meanings into it.

One day she came back home a little tipsy and jumped on me kissing me and saying dirty things, I pushed her away and told her she was drunk and helped to bed that night. The next day I told her what she had done and she apologized and I accepted because I knew she was drunk. Fast forward to 3 months later, I lost my sponsor and my parents weren’t capable of funding my education. She knew about this and sympathized with me.

When the second semester begun I cried and cried and she would console me. One day she came up to me and said I need to tell you something and she opened up to me that she was a lesbian and she admired me. I became scared and stayed away from her house and I tried avoiding her for one week and she ran into me at the school campus one of the days and didn’t let me go. She followed me back to my place and told me she knows am scared but she really liked me.

I got angry and told her to get out of my house and she said that if I give her a chance she can make me a deal that will fund my school and even establish me. I paid deaf ears to her and pushed her out. I still attended classes and took test even though I didn’t pay my fees but I wouldn’t see my name on the score board each time the results came out. One day the dean of my faculty sent for me and told me she’s been seeing my name in all test and attendance but I hadn’t paid and I narrated things to her and she mockingly sympathized with me but told me that I shouldn’t come to school again that I use that as an excuse and drop out and stay useless.

I went home crying so much that I thought of dieing. I didn’t eat for two days and I heard my neighbor celebrating her result, immediately I thought of Cassandra’s offer and I matched straight to her house that night, on seeing me, she came outside and asked why I came to her house and I told her to talk about her offer. She allowed me inside her house and the first question she asked me was if I was a Virgin, I nodded reluctantly while pondering and why she asked.

She told me that she wants to have sex with me there and then, if I was a Virgin she would give me 10million naira but if I lied to her she will make my stay in that University was going to be a nightmare. I didn’t care about the threats, I began to cry because I was so confused, I needed the money and also didn’t want to indulge in sex as a whole talk more of doing it with a girl. I sat there till about 3am and the university exams was to begin a week from that day.

I woke her up and gave in. As soon as she broke my hymen I cried and there was blood soaking the sheets. She immediately stood picked up her phone and asked for my account number and she transferred 12million naira into my account I was still pain and emotionally blank. When she was done with all she liked to do on me. I went home and never saw her again, picked her calls and I picked a route I knew she wouldn’t walk through, she values her skin and doesn’t like bushy areas or anything I changed my residence two days after the event and never saw her again.

In my 2nd year I met this guy who’s just the definition of a classy man at his best, very fashionable, slow talker, intelligent and basically has only two friends who aren’t in the Uni. He approached me and I liked him so I gave it a chance. He’s never asked for sex from me and my friends will tell me he’s cheating that’s why. I have followed him late at night without him knowing even paid people to investigate all comes out clean he’s not been seen even talking to a girl.

We have gotten really serious and I’d like to think we’d end up together. Yesterday he asked me for sex for the first time and I was so happy that I wanted to give it to him so badly but then he asked ARE YOU A VIRGIN? I froze and couldn’t answer I walked out on him and he felt bad for asking but I don’t know if am still a virgin. I have never asked slept with a man.

Please help me.

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