Is YouTube bad?

Is YouTube bad for Students?

Is YouTube bad for Students? is a question we all need to consider answering right.

Is YouTube bad?

Well to my knowledge and experience, everything has it’s upside and downside. YouTube is no different. But what we have to get clear here is that YouTube is a search engine on its own.

There are lots of articles and videos that vLoggers share that has actually helped us to solve problems we never knew how to go about it in the first place.

So my answer to the question is a capital NO.

YouTube for Students

Education has been transformed to a whole new level and there are lots of competition everywhere to get a piece of cake financially and begin to build up life and live life.

For students, YouTube is a solution provider because when they encounter any problems in whatever way, they can easily go to YouTube if they have internet connection via data or Wi-Fi.

These problems range from mathematics, music, ICT, health, science exhibitions and every other subject or course of discipline. Every student needs to understand how to use YouTube to his/her advantage to be able to be on top only after some offline practice.

This is why YouTube is necessary for students to use. You may ask about the distractions?, YES there are distractions on YouTube that can even make you make a wrong choice. But as far as you have it for the right reasons, you will always benefit from it.

Should Lecturers and Teachers accept YouTube

YES!! Lecturers and Teachers are to accept a student to learn from YouTube. There are some of the relevant topics on a subject you’re not familiar with that you can find a tutor or research group when you search with keywords related to that.

I will really love to hear your comments and responses on what you think about YouTube and if YouTube is bad especially for a student and if you have any experiences, please comment too.

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