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God’s Postal Address – Everyday With Jesus

God’s Postal Address – Everyday With Jesus Daily Devotional written for 10th September 2019

Message on God’s Postal Address

We continue meditating on why Jesus, in the opening words of the Lord’s Prayer, taught us to focus on God before presenting to Him our petitions.
Today we ask ourselves: why did Jesus bid us pray, ‘Our Father in heaven’? What is so important about the fact that God lives in heaven?

Someone has suggested that heaven is God’s ‘postal address’ and therefore, the place to which all prayers and petitions are to be directed.
I believe, however, that Jesus, in using the words ‘in heaven’, sought to focus our minds, not so much on God’s location, but rather His elevation.

We are so used to living, as we say, ‘with an earthly view’, surrounded by limitations and restrictions, that we are apt to forget that God exists in heaven, a place where there are no shortages and no restraints.

Here, on earth, we stagger from one crisis to another, face endless problems, economic recessions, strikes, political unrest, and so on, but in heaven, such situations are non-existent.

There are no shortages in the factories of His grace, no disputes on His assembly lines and no faults in His communication system. Because of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary we have access, at any time of day or night, into God’s presence.

There is no waiting, no ‘leave a message and we’ll get back to you’, you’ll be put straight through to the King of Kings!

When Jesus asks us to focus on God who is in heaven, He is reminding us to elevate our spiritual vision until it breaks free of earth’s gravitational pull, and to remind ourselves constantly of the truth that, in our Father’s presence, our greatest problems turn into possibilities.

Prayer Point

Father, this phrase ‘in heaven’is like a rocket that launches me beyond earth’s limitations into a place where everything is peace and light. Help me never lose sight of this fact – today and everyday, Amen.

Further Study

Rev. 21; Isa. 66:1-2, Matt. 5:34, Rev. 4:2

  1. What is the focal point in heaven?
  2. How does this elevate our vision?

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