getting the right focus

Getting the right Focus

Getting the right Focus – Everyday With Jesus Daily Devotional written for 8th September 2019.

Bible Verse

Isaiah 40:25-31 – ‘Lift your eyes and look…Who created all these?’ (v26).

Message on Getting the right Focus

Having spent this past week examining the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer, we turn now to focus on the next two words: ‘in heaven’. It might seem astonishing that we can spend a whole week meditating on just few words of this matchless prayer, but one of the wonders of Scripture is its ability to introduce us to vast themes with a minimum of words.

In the Lord’s Prayer, a library is compressed into a phrase; a volume squeezed into a single syllable. These inspired words and phrases have become the source of numerous writings and expositions, yet none of them, this one included, can fully plumb the depths of all that Jesus was expounding.

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We now ask ourselves: what was Jesus wanting us to grasp when He taught His disciples to pray, ‘Our father in Heaven…’? He wanted to teach them (so I believe) the way to achieve a true perspective in prayer. Before we can pray effectively, we are first to be convinced who God is (our Father) and where God is (in heaven).

In other words, again the initial focus of our praying is not on ourselves but on God. Doesn’t this reveal at once a fatal weakness in our praying? We come into God’s presence and instead of focusing our gaze upon Him, we focus it on our issues and our struggles and questions; we are told that our thoughts are like magnifying glasses and whatever we turn our thoughts to we magnify.

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This only serves to increase the awareness of our lack. Perhaps this is why, when praying, we can end up more confused or more frustrated than when we began? This is perhaps one of the greatest lessons we can learn about prayer – our initial focus should always be upon God.

Prayer Point

Lord God, I begin to see now where I have lost focus in this vital matter of prayer. I have begun with myself, instead of beginning with You. Help me to get the right initial position in my praying in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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