Fire tv stick 4k

Fire TV Stick 4K Review

The Fire TV Stick 4K has made competition in delivering quality home theatre systems. Now with this smart remote control, any dumb TV can become smart. Thanks to Amazon and other brands venturing into the smart remote business.

Benefits of This Smart Remote

  • It makes your dumb TV smart
  • It is cheap
  • You can experience good sound quality and access a lot of features from Amazon’s service.
  • Supports 4K streams and all HDR streams.

About This Smart Remote

Like I said earlier, this is a smart remote that gives you access to all Amazon’s services on your TV screen. Now it comes with Alexa voice which you can easily connect with your Amazon devices or gadgets at home or in the office such as Amazon’s Echo speakers by just issuing verbal instructions.

What’s Inside the Package?

  1. 4K Stick and Alexa Remote
  2. USB Power Connector
  3. Plug Adapter

With the new Fire TV Stick 4K, you can enjoy apps like Amazon’s Prime Video, ESPN, NETFLIX, Sling, HBO, NBC, hulu and YouTube all in one remote control.

The set up is pretty easy and straightforward though can be long if your internet broadband connection isn’t great. The Fire TV Stick 4K can controll other smart devices in your home easily.


Unarguably, the Fire TV Stick 4k is amazing and has a lot to offer in homes and offices. You can get it too at a cheap price around $70 by shopping for it.

The remote supports digital Dolby Vision in its default mode and can change the way you have been enjoying your home theatre system to a whole new amazing experience.

Get this remote today and enjoy your home viewing. Cheers. Sharing is caring. Let us know in the comments section if you have purchased this product and how its working out for you so far. Thank you.