Detachable Airplane Design – Plane Crash Saver

There have been many designs for airplanes developed by several engineers to help curb the rate of airplane crashes across the globe. This particular airplane design called “detachable cabin” by Vladimir Tatarenko, an Aviation Engineer, has really wowed me.

I remember when I first traveled on an airplane, I felt scared, normal and glad that I was going to meet up with my appointment on time. But when it struck me that I was going to be in the air for an hour non-stop and what will be my chances of surviving if any error happens, made my head to spin.

Actually, the airplane took off and I just said in my head, “here we go”. Finally when I found this airplane design by Vladimir Tatatenko, I felt so happy that the whole world and the aviation industry can benefit from it and build more safer airplanes with maximum efficiency and I have decided to share this with you.

Airplane Passengers

Detachable Cabins for planes seem very reliable and even though i’m not an aviation engineer, I see that if this design comes to reality, it will be very efficient and there won’t be fear of traveling by air for some people.

Recently the world’s first V-shaped airplane was shown to us via CNN Travels and we all learnt that it can take up more passengers and also consume less fuel as compared to other traditional airplane designs from Boeing, Airbus, HondaJet.

Are Detachable Airplane Cabins Safe?

From the video above, you will discover that the airbags and parachutes deployed when the detachable airplane crashes serves as a plus to the design by Vladimir Tatarenko.

You’ll also agree with me that it can land at any place pending rescue from rescue organizations whether on land or on water.

Now the questions to ask will be, what about the pilots and crew members?, how will they survive? How will the cabin or fuselage be detached with everyone in it? These and many more questions surround this design and once the popular airplane manufacturers and engineers decide to simulate and research more on the design, I personally think there;s going to be a great percentage of success.

Please I will love to hear about what you think of this post in the comments section. Cheers.

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