Canon XA30 Camcorder

Canon XA30 Camcorder Camera

Review Commentary: 

Canon XA30 is Canon’s upgraded professional compact camcorder. This model has extensive upgrades from the previous model that it replaces, with a better HD CMOS Pro sensor with Wide Dynamic Range Gamma, and better low light performance.

The camcorder camera is built with a new dual band Wi-Fi technology allows you to operate and control your camcorder remotely, or transfer video data wirelessly. The Canon XA30 can use its dual SDHC/SDXC memory slots to record any video, with its new 35mbps recording mode.

The Canon XA30 has a 60p mode (60 frames per second) to the recording options for  a more smooth video coverage. The lens on this camcorder offers a wider 26.8mm field of view, and the zoom range has doubled to 20x, without lighting problems (it maintains F2.8 at the long end).

The lens and the Native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor result in awesome video performance and dynamic range. 

A new noticed feature is the large 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen high resolution screen with higher contrast and viewing angle.


The XA30 Canon camcorder is loaded with all of the most important manual features which includes dual XLR inputs, manual focus, gain control, manual aperture and shutter, waveform, and more. It also has a Headphone Jack to monitor audio, five assigned buttons allows you control to customize this camcorder to your needs and the built-in infrared light provides night vision where you can shoot your video in total darkness and the Touch & Track system on this camcorder keeps focus and exposure on any subject, no matter where it moves.

The XA30 has a dedicated manual focus ring for precise focusing, 8-blade Iris (which captures the ‘bokeh effect’ ), Edge Monitor Focus Assist System– green waveform shows total focus of image including a detachable handle – to give extended audio performance and added flexibility. 

The camcorder also has Two built-in XLR audio input terminals with sensed power provide sound inputs, external microphone holder, manual audio level controller, infrared light (Night Vision views).

Without the need to add lights, the videographer may remain hidden from the subjects. Waveform monitor on the camera shows a detailed view of  image brightness.

Camera Key Features 

Camera Type:        Camcorder

Color:                        Black

Flash Mode:            Auto, Off, On, Slow Synchro

Connectivity:         HDMI, USB

Weight:                    765g

Shutter Speed:       (1/6 to 1/2000s)

Storage Media:      SD, SDHC, SDXC

Overview & Full Specifications of Canon XA30 Camcorder Camera

Canon XA30 is a combination of compact and professional video feats which is well-suited for covering any event, wedding videography, and so on.

The camera is equipped with a 20x Canon optical zoom lens which is quite competent in nature. This camcorder camera has all it takes to fit your work as it is the best option to be used to record slow and fast motion recording scales, as well as interval recording option to capture fast motion.

Focal length and Aperture Range: 

The Focal Length ranges in the format of 26.8mm to 576mm in the camera. Combined to this, the aperture range is f/1.8-2.8.

The Canon XA30 Camcorder Camera comes loaded with distinctive features like HD CMOS Pro sensor best for improved for low-light performance (night vision).