All you need to know about coconut and how to make coconut oil thicker

Are you looking for steps on how to make coconut oil thicker? If yes, You are in the right place. Before we get to steps, there are some facts You need to know about coconut.

Coconut is a fruit of the coconut palm.

The botanical name is cocos nucifera.

Coconuts have been in existence for more than four hundred years, they are grown in the tropical regions.

Coconuts has increased in popularity over the years and due to it’s flavour, potential health benefits and culinary uses.

coconut product types:

1. Coconut kernel: it is the white raw meat inside a coconut shell. It is firm in texture and delicious.

2. Coconut oil, coconut milk. Coconut cream: these are made by pressing the blended or grated raw coconut meat or kernel. The oil can be extracted from the the milk by a method I’ll be teaching you in this article.

Benefits of Coconut:

– it’s a disease-fighting antioxidant.

– it promoted blood sugar regulation.

– it reduces certain risk factors for heart disease.

–  it can be used to prepare delicious meals, giving the food a sweet flavour and taste.

Over the year, it has been discovered that coconut oil has lots of great benefits and a lot of people are willing and eager to learn how the oil is produced.

In this article, I’ll be teaching you how you can produce your own coconut oil at the comfort of your home.

Let’s look at some importance of coconut oil.

Importance of coconut oil:

– coconut oil can be used as face moisturizer.

– it can be used to grow eyelashes.

– it helps to heal bites and scratches.

– it can be used for hair care.

– it can be used as an anti-ageing agent.

– As a base for body scrub

– For nail cuticles, etc.

Ingredients for coconut oil production:

* 6 coconuts (or as desired)

* 8 cups of water (depending on the amounts of coconut you’re using)

Procedures/Steps on how to make a thick coconut oil

Remove the coconut husk:

You need to crack your whole coconut open with a knife or a small hammer. Knock several areas of the coconut with the knife or hammer until the Shell is broken or cracked.

Make sure to collect the coconut water, taste good and helps one stay hydrated..

how to make coconut oil thicker

2. Wash the Coconut:

Wash the coconut meat or kernel with  clean water water and cut into tiny pieces to enable easy blending or grating.

3. Blend/Grate:

Blend the coconut meat with the warm  water in a high speed blender for about 2minutes.

If you don’t have a blender, you can hand grate the coconut meat by using the fine side of your grater.

how to make coconut oil thicker

4. Squeeze out the milk:

Add warm water to your grated coconut and squeeze out the juice from the shredded coconut with your hands using a cheesecloth or a sieve. Squeeze until you’ve gotten the entire milk out of the pulp.

You can decide to keep the coconut pulp, i.e the shredded coconut, it does not have much taste anymore as the milk has been drained out of it. You can decide to the keep the shredded part, dry it and use for different baking recipes.

coconut milk

5.  Cool:

Pour the coconut milk into large bowl, allow it to cool at a room temperature or put it in a freezer for some time.

6. Skim: Once it’s cooled, the coconut oil will gather up on top of the coconut water. Use a spoon to skim off the fat into a deep frying pan or a neat pot.

7. Heat/ Boil:

After skimming the coconut fat into a pan or pot, heat or boil on a low consistent heat. There is minimal stirring at this point. The water will begin to evaporate from the coconut milk, it will start getting crumbly in texture. You will notice the oil separating from the solids. The oil will continue to separate from the water until it’s completely separated and turns totally to oil.

8. Store:

Allow the oil to cool down for some minutes, sieve the oil and store in a tight container.

Things to make with coconut oil

There are several things that you can use coconut oil to make. Example are Hair cream, body cream etc.

Note: you can keep the coconut water you skimmed the fat from, it can be used to prepare delicious dishes, like jollof rice, etc.

We believe the steps you got from us can help make a thicker coconut oil.

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