Ways That Help To Quit Smoking Tobacco Easily

According to a study, if one wants to quit smoking, what will be considered as utmost priority is the consumption of more vegetables and fruit which could help one give up and stay free from tobacco for longer.

Stop smoking action
It’s possible that vegetables and fruit give people more of a feeling of fullness so they feel less of a need to smoke, as smokers often confuse hunger with an urge to smoke.
It is found that cigarette smokers having higher vegetable and fruit intake smoked less cigarettes each day, waited longer before they smoked the 1st cigarette for the day and also scored less on a nicotine dependence test.

A number of explanations are possible, like less nicotine dependence for those who eat lots of vegetables and fruit or the fact that higher fiber intake from vegetables and fruit make people feel fuller.And compared with a number of foods that are known to complement the taste of tobacco, such as caffeinated beverages, meats and alcohol, vegetables and fruit don’t enhance the taste of tobacco and could actually worsen the taste of cigarettes.

For the time been,WHO has always been sounding strong warning to tobacco smokers even more so inscribing it on a cigarette label. Yet the percentage of smokers quitting is still on the high. With the help of this article ,we now know how and what to use to reduce the intake of tobacco. Let us know how you feel if you have started the plan.

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