Cold Water May Cause More Harm Than Good, See 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Avoided

There’s nothing like a glass of cold water to cool off on a summer day, but after reading the following information, you may think twice before reaching for a jug of ice water. 

When I found this information the first time, I was surprised, but I thought it’s a very important thing to share with you, as these hidden dangers of drinking cold water may not be well known.

Here are 7 harmful effects of drinking cold water, the number one is really the star of the show, so read to the last.

7. Drain energy 

Most times you think drinking ice watercan make us feel refreshed and stimulate us in the short term, it actually serves to drain your energy in the long run. This is because your body has to use extra energy to heat the ice water and bring it to its average temperature.

6. hinders hydration 

Drinking ice water slows down your body’s rehydration process, rather than speeding it up. This is because the body needs to bring it to the correct temperature before it can be used. The only exceptions to this rule are long distance runners, who seem to take advantage of the late response mechanism to maintain water levels when they are on a long run.

5 Leads to chronic stomach pains.

Drinking cold water after vigorous exercise should be strictly avoided. Many people make the mistake of drinking cold water, especially during the summer after exercising. However, according to gymnastics experts, it is advisable to drink warm water after exercise.

  • Your body generates a lot of heat when you exercise. If you drink cold water, there is a temperature mismatch that affects your digestive health. It is also difficult for your body to absorb cold water after exercise. Drinking cold water immediately after exercise can lead to chronic stomach pain as extremely cold water shocks your body.

4. Cause headaches 

If you are familiar with “brain freeze,” which results from eating ice cream or crushed ice, then you should know that ice water can do the same. It cools many sensitive nerves in the spine and immediately transmits messages to your brain, which in turn causes headaches.

3. Cause more fats

Drinking cold water immediately after a meal also interferes with your body’s ability to break down fats.The cold water temperature solidifies the fats in food and as a result, it is difficult for your body to break down unwanted fats from your body. Even if you drink normal water, be sure to wait 30 minutes after a meal before drinking water for maximum benefits.

2. constipation 

Drinking water at room temperature is necessary for the digestive process,however drinking cold water can cause constipation. The reason is that when you drink cold water, the food solidifies and hardens as it passes through the body. The intestines also contract, which is one of the main causes of constipation.

1. Sore throat 

Just as a cold winter day can trigger a runny nose and block the sinuses, ice water creates the same body response. In other words, your body creates mucus as a natural humidifier to heat any ingested cold air or liquid. The difference is that in the case of ice water, this bodily response is unnecessary and results in an additional buildup of mucus in the pipes, making your throat sore.

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