Side effects of consuming Moringa

Moringa been a natural medicine might have so many good benefits like people who have consumed it testified. Also science has also came up with so many benefits of these moringa leaf or seed like fighting against bacteria diseases, treating stomach problems, protect the liver, nourishment of skin and hair, protection and treatment of cancer etc.

But they are so many other side effect which if not properly consumed with the help of health experts might cause other serious health challenges .

Dried Moringa seed

This side effects are:

1: Moringa should not be consumed by a pregnant woman to avoid miscarriages. I know so many people might be conversant with these.

2: Moringa help to heal stomach problem. But when consumed, the patient suffers running of stomach thereby defecating watery feces. Which is still part of the healing process.

3: Moringa helps in lowering high blood pressure , but if taking with other drugs that serves the same purpose might make the blood pressure too low

4: Moringa helps in digestion, heart protection etc but you should be careful not to be consuming drugs or fruits that serves the same purpose or else it might result to other severe health challenges .

5: Moringa works reduces the speed at which the liver breaks down certain drugs

6: Of course we all know moringa makes the mouth sour when taken thereby making you loose taste of food for some time.

There are other side effects that can easily be observed . You can add yours on the comment section.

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