Will You Die If You Drink Coke After Consuming Mangoes?

During my tender age, I always have this believe that drinking coke or pespi after licking mango would cause death, although my parents told me that but I believe so ,sometimes i wanted to doubt it but have never tried such combination.

This I thought back then perhaps no scientific research shows that someone will die if he or she drink coke immediately after licking mango or combining it together.

Well all the ingredients used in manufacturing coke is very safe for human consumption according to the coco-cola company.

Well someone in China who is an Indian tourist was found death according to people they say he drank a bottle of coke after licking mangoes.

According to the mediacl practitioner in the hospital the young man died, he said that ‘no drink aeriated content should be combined together as it serves as a Poison and is capable of killing someone immediately’.

Now in this season of mangoes, please let’s avoid the mistakes of consuming coke immediately you lick mango.. it will be very pathetic if you serves as an example to proves the theory that those combination truly kills.

As for me I don’t believe in it o but I dont try such and would not.

Have you try this combination before? Or immediately after licking mango then drink coke or pespi, if yes or no use the comment section to tell us and also share this to every one that needs to hear it.

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