Fruits that make the skin glow


Tomatoes are red because of the phytochemical they contain. This phytochemical is called Lycopene, and it makes tomatoes red, boosts collagen strength—a protein that gives skin its tight, youthful structure—and fights off the oxidising effect of UV rays by eliminating skin-ageing free radicals.


Papaya, popularly called pawpaw, contains numerous active enzymes with health benefits. Chymopapain is used to relieve inflammation—a common source of skin conditions. Papain removes blemishes and even treats acne as the enzyme dissolves pore-clogging fats and cleanses the skin.

The skin care industry adds extracts of papaya in facial peels, soaps, cleansers, and lotions. Papaya also contains a significant amount of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.


Lemons are an excellent addition to your beauty arsenal. They lighten the skin and promote an even tone by reducing acne marks and blemishes. They also deep cleanse the skin by unclogging the pores.


Bananas contain high levels of potassium. This nutrient moisturises and hydrates the skin, making it look fuller, supple, and youthful. They also contain other nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, and E which are great for the skin.

The nutrients in bananas aim at maintaining the elasticity of skin, moisturise, preventing premature ageing and wrinkles, softening and rejuvenating, and fading dark spots and blemishes.

Blue Berries 

Blueberries are filled with antioxidants that help your body kill cell-damaging, skin-aging free radicals. They increase the strength of collagen fibres.


Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that hydrate and protect the skin by reducing the risk of premature ageing gotten through ultraviolet radiation. Avocados help you absorb many of the fat-soluble vitamins that also help protect your skin from sun damage. Avocados contain biotin, that is, vitamin B7 which promotes cell regeneration and growth. Avocados also contain Vitamin E which is essential in protecting the skin.


Apples are very rich in malic acid. Malic acid is gentler than other acids used in beauty treatments, such as glycolic and salicylic acid. It enhances healthier, firmer and youthful looking skin; this is done by replacing skin cells without damaging the skin layer. Apples are rich in fibre which promotes clear acne-free skin as a result of regular bowel movements.


Carrots have plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A, which inhibit excess production of cells in the outer skin layer. This action reduces flaky dead cells that clog pores. Additionally, vitamin A reduces the development of skin-cancer cells.




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